Saving Chan Mei
When a rookie reporter stumbles onto a story with international implications, she jumps at the chance to prove her mettle. What she encounters turns her world upside down and leaves her questioning everything she represents.

Saving Chan Mei is the story of LEIGH PARKER, a reporter on assignment in China, who is horrified when her gentle friend Chan Mei is brutally sterilized for violating China's One-Child Policy. When Leigh tries to intervene, she is arrested and deported. Returning to Portland, Leigh details what she saw in a series called Saving Chan Mei. Her story goes viral.

Leigh's former professor and mentor, HANK HARRISON, also longs to help the Chinese people. Risking imprisonment or worse for proselytizing, he shares the good news of the gospel with men he meets on the streets of Xi'an. When he returns to Portland, he checks in on Leigh.

Though Hank and Leigh are drawn together by their mutual love for truth and the Chinese people, their divergent religious views--he a Christian and she an agnostic--are a stumbling block. Will they resolve their differences, and will Leigh ever see her dear friend Chan Mei again?

This book, complete at 85,000 words, is Inspirational Women's Fiction. A riveting demonstration of God's power over evil, Saving Chan Mei will encourage Christian women of all ages.

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