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07 Feb

Dear Julie: 

I have been praying for a husband for a while now. One day about a year ago a friend gave me a prophetic word (I never spoke to her about me praying for a husband) and she said that God would be sending me a husband. He was being prepared for my kids. I didn't think too much of it...but deep inside I thanked our Father.

I waited and waited and asked her again about it about 8 months later. She then asked what I was doing to meet people. I said nothing special, just out and about. That evening when I went home I prayed and then decided to go onto Christian Mingle and give it a try. I did and ended up meeting someone who actually was in training for a job 30 minutes from where I live. So, we were able to meet. He has just started his job and is on the road often for his training. So, when he does come back on town, we try to spend time together.

At first I was very cautious...now... it's as if he has a special place in my heart. I have prayed that God would remove him from my life if he wasn't to be my husband. I also began a prayer chain to stand in agreement because I don't want to be out of the will of our Father. He seems like a really respectable person. I feel like he is the one, but want to be sure. I know in my heart that my husband is on his way.... Waiting for my husband 


Dear Waiting for my husband: 

God bless you, my friend. You have a good desire in wanting a husband and father for your kids. In addition to what you are doing, I'd suggest you introduce your new friend to people who know and love you. They may pick up on something(s) you will need to address. Also, be sure to attend church together and witness whether his professions of faith stand up over time. 

Guard your heart. Do not let yourself be confused by allowing sexual intimacy to cloud your thinking. If the relationship continues toward marriage, be sure to take pre-marital counseling and listen to what the pastor/priest advises. 

One thing I might add. I respect your desire to have a godly man and a respectable person because that is critically important. Also important, though, is that you love him. Not the giddy lustful desire of youth but, rather, the deep abiding love and trust that honors and cherishes someone more than yourself.

I join you in praying that God will make it clear whether this man is your soulmate and that, if he isn't, you'll be willing to let him go while God continues to prepare you both for a fulfilling marriage. 

Blessings, Julie

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