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As a lifelong traveler, I've discovered adventure - and sometimes danger - awaits around the next bend. 

Come with me as we follow fellow travelers facing modern-day challenges with courage, resolve, and faith in the God they trust.

I hope you find their stories relevant and riveting.


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Saving Chan Mei
When a rookie reporter stumbles onto a story with international implications, she jumps at the chance to prove her mettle. What she encounters turns her world upside down and leaves her questioning everything she represents.

Saving Chan Mei is the story of LEIGH PARKER, a reporter on assignment in China, who is horrified when her gentle friend Chan Mei is brutally sterilized for violating China's One-Child Policy. When Leigh tries to intervene, she is arrested and deported. Returning to Portland, Leigh details what she saw in a series called Saving Chan Mei. Her story goes viral.

Leigh's former professor and mentor, HANK HARRISON, also longs to help the Chinese people. Risking imprisonment or worse for proselytizing, he shares the good news of the gospel with men he meets on the streets of Xi'an. When he returns to Portland, he checks in on Leigh.

Though Hank and Leigh are drawn together by their mutual love for truth and the Chinese people, their divergent religious views--he a Christian and she an agnostic--are a stumbling block. Will they resolve their differences, and will Leigh ever see her dear friend Chan Mei again?

This book, complete at 85,000 words, is Inspirational Women's Fiction. A riveting demonstration of God's power over evil, Saving Chan Mei will encourage Christian women of all ages.

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Finding Wu Ling
Finding Wu Ling  is the story of a reporter and a human trafficker chasing the same girl, one to save her--the other to enslave her.

When investigative reporter LEIGH PARKER agrees to look into the suspicious disappearance of her friend WU LING, a Chinese national believed to have been trafficked in the U.S., she quickly realizes she's stumbled onto a bigger, darker, story ... human trafficking along the I-5 Corridor from San Diego to Seattle. While researching this story, her own memories of childhood sexual abuse surface and threaten to undo her. Will she be able to come to terms with her own past and marry her fiance HANK HARRISON?

Leigh's dangerous mission takes her to the underbelly of Portland and into the clutches of a cruel trafficker named D.T. Unintimidated by his vicious threats, she accumulates enough intel to write a series spotlighting local perpetrators of human trafficking. The public is fascinated. The pimps are furious. Though threats increase, she presses on with the help of the PPB and Hank. Will she be able to find Wu Ling and help other trafficking victims? Or will the traffickers stop her permanently?

Finding Wu Ling, complete at 80,000 words, is Inspirational Women's Fiction. This story provides a riveting demonstration of God's power over evil and encourages Christian women of all ages who long for a better world.

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Remembering Maddie
Investigative journalist LEIGH PARKER stumbles across a memory she can't explain ... one that leads to a 23-year-old cold case involving her own sister, a sister she can't remember. How could she have forgotten she had a sister named MADDIE? Murdered? And her killer never found?

As memories return, Leigh's sense of justice causes her to work with police in the greater Portland area to reopen the case that took her sister and tore her family apart--her mother and father divorcing yet trapped in a love-hate relationship. This story deals with justice, forgiveness, and the healing power of love.

Remembering Maddie is complete at 78,000 words. It is Inspirational Women's Fiction with elements of suspense and is intended for women ages 20-70 who enjoy reading relevant and riveting fiction.

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Why I Write

A country girl, I grew up in the 1950s, a time that has been called idyllic by some and grossly intolerant by others. As for me, I was called naïve by friends and family. When only fifteen, however, I traveled to Italy as a foreign-exchange student where I lived with a kind and protective Sicilian family of six brothers and one sister. It was during that summer I began to grow up, to appreciate our cultural differences, and to see that - despite those differences - we shared many common values. Travel has that effect on people. Whether we go from one country to another or from one stage of life to the next, the trip increases our knowledge and, hopefully, our understanding of other ways of life. I write to address our common values. Don't we all want to be loved and accepted? Don't we all seek meaning and purpose? Don't we all need hope? Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working and praying with hundreds of women in churches and in crisis settings. As Dear Julie, I was entrusted to address pressing issues posed by many of my 14,000 Facebook followers. Through these ministries, I have grown in my admiration for womankind in general. Our world has changed dramatically, and we’ve been expected to change right along with it. In many ways, we’ve been successful—in some ways, we have a lot of work to do. Often, the best work is simply to hold fast to the unchanging values presented in Scripture. I write suspense-filled stories about women facing complex issues who find encouragement and support in each other and, ultimately, in God. I am an active member of ACFW and CCW (formerly Oregon Christian Writers).

Do you need advice? ASK Dear Julie.

Dear Julie is a biblically-based advice column. For decades Julie S Johnson has been in a position of leadership in women's ministry in churches as well as in Christian non-profit ministries and speakers bureaus. She has earned the trust of thousands of women facing crises in their personal lives as well as on the front lines of ministry work. In addition, she hosted the Dear Julie column on Facebook where her 14,000+ followers consulted her for advice. We all face challenging issues that confound us. There is no shame in seeking advice. Please be brave. By sending in your questions, you may be helping other readers. Be assured Dear Julie will search the scriptures and pray over your question before answering. Your name will be deleted to protect your confidentiality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Send your questions to Dear Julie on the Contact Page.

Devotionals, Poetry, and Books

Those of you who love the Psalms will enjoy reading "A String of Selah Pearls," a series of devotionals dealing with the Selah passages. Though all of Scripture is God-inspired, we are to pay special attention when a verse is followed by the word "Selah" which means to think, to meditate. You will find these posts on the Selah Pearls page. Do you appreciate poetry? I have journals filled with my own poetry, hymns, and meditations to share with you as well. Many I have formatted into frameable copy which I will make available to you via my monthly newsletter. I have written a series of six stand-alone books that are ready for publication. I can't wait to share them with you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To be informed as the books are published as well as to receive a free sample chapter and my monthly newsletter, please subscribe in the box on the Welcome page.

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Introduction to the String of Selah Pearls Devotionals

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Contact me with your Dear Julie questions or just to say hello! One day, hopefully soon, I'll be able to speak to your book club about my books, the writing process, or a variety of other topics which I will detail on another page.