Finding Wu Ling
Finding Wu Ling  is the story of a reporter and a human trafficker chasing the same girl, one to save her--the other to enslave her.

When investigative reporter LEIGH PARKER agrees to look into the suspicious disappearance of her friend WU LING, a Chinese national believed to have been trafficked in the U.S., she quickly realizes she's stumbled onto a bigger, darker, story ... human trafficking along the I-5 Corridor from San Diego to Seattle. While researching this story, her own memories of childhood sexual abuse surface and threaten to undo her. Will she be able to come to terms with her own past and marry her fiance HANK HARRISON?

Leigh's dangerous mission takes her to the underbelly of Portland and into the clutches of a cruel trafficker named D.T. Unintimidated by his vicious threats, she accumulates enough intel to write a series spotlighting local perpetrators of human trafficking. The public is fascinated. The pimps are furious. Though threats increase, she presses on with the help of the PPB and Hank. Will she be able to find Wu Ling and help other trafficking victims? Or will the traffickers stop her permanently?

Finding Wu Ling, complete at 80,000 words, is Inspirational Women's Fiction. This story provides a riveting demonstration of God's power over evil and encourages Christian women of all ages who long for a better world.

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